Frequently Asked Questions


1. What does Atelieh mean?

Atelier (pronounced "ah-tell-yey") is a French word meaning "workshop." 
Eh was added because I am proudly Canadian.

2. Why are your plushies so expensive??

I know it seems like a lot to pay for a plushie, but rest assured your money is directly supporting Canadian farmers & artisans. 

Every plushie is handmade with 100% wool directly purchased from Canadian farmers & yarn dyers. Years of work goes into raising the sheep, weeks go into processing & dyeing the yarn, and many hours are poured into designing and crocheting each one by hand.

I believe that the extra effort to support Canadians and help the planet is worth it. For more information on my process, check out my page here

3. What are your shipping fees?

To help out with the cost, standard shipping is a flat rate of $10 for Canadian and US customers.
Rest assured, you can still buy my plushies overseas! Simply enter your information at checkout and shipping will be calculated for you.